What do you want out of life? What are your personal and career goals?

It is important to layout your goals step-by-step in order to achieve them. Doing this does not only boosts your confidence but this also gives you a plan in building your career. Here are some tips for thinking about your goals:

Tips for Thinking About Your Goals

  1. The more clearly you can envision life goals — including those dreams everyone told you not to waste your time with — and see a real path to achieving some of them, the more effort you will put into the work that has to be done today and every day along the path that brings them to reality.
  2. Look at where you want to be ten or twenty years from now.
  3. Those interests and dreams that give meaning to your life? Stop cramming them under the bed. Haul them out and reexamine them as you read and learn — you might find they don’t belong there.
  4. Bring all these long-term goals and dreams into focus; own them, don’t be scared by what others might think, and don’t give up… ever.

know yourself

This is not an either/or world anymore. Like many others, you’ve probably been told, “Find one thing you like, make it your career and settle down to it for a lifetime.” But most of what you have been told doesn’t make sense — life isn’t that simple and you are too complex a being. I like to write; but all day, every day for fifty years?

The reality is that you can and you should have multiple career goals and multiple career paths: for climbing the corporate ladder, for starting your own business, for writing that book or becoming a painter. Other people have made it happen, and you can too.

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