The Best Resume Objective is No Objective (At All)

The Best Resume Objective is No Objective (At All)

“To be able to apply my knowledge and skills that I gained from my chosen field and fulfill the job that is appropriate for me.”

Are you familiar with that statement? You probably are because that is an objective that a typical Filipino job seeker would write in his/her resume. Well who are we to blame them? English teachers taught their students to write an objective for resumes. English teachers even have a notion that whoever writes the best resume objective gets the highest grade. But that should be corrected today—applicants must know better.

When I was still a Secretary in a manufacturing company in 2014, I found out that 7 out of 10 Filipino applicants applying to our office would submit a generic resume with objectives copied from the internet. I was so sad because they don’t give an effort in writing their resume and I am so worried that this must be the standard of Resume writing in the Philippines. If you are an applicant reading this, please do not commit the mistakes that they did.

But before we dig deeper from the problem and find a solution, let us define first what resume objective is. According to, a resume objective refers to a section of a resume that tells the hiring company why the applicant is seeking employment.

Bad News

The objective you used to put at the top of your resume no longer works. Resume writing has changed and if you don’t keep up, you are preparing to look incompetent in front of the hiring officer. Here are the reasons why:

  1. At that stage, recruiters have no interest in what you want. They are just after with what you can do for them.
  2. You are wasting a very important space in your resume. Your resume is a very important marketing tool and every space in it is very important for you and your future, treat it like one.
  3. It will not improve your resume’s chance of getting pulled from an online resume database. You must know that resume databases pull resumes like searching a term in Google search bar. This means that your resume should contain ‘keywords’ that hiring officers are searching—resume objectives do not have keywords.

The Solution

Instead of writing a generic resume with the best resume objective you can find in the internet or brainstorming for your best resume objective, try these tricks:

1. Write the specific position you are applying for at the top of your resume. This technique saves the time of the hiring officer because with one glance they will know what position you are applying for.

2. Perfect your Qualifications/ Career Summary or Performance Profile. State your qualifications or strengths in response to the stated job post requirements with recurring keywords you will find in job posts for the position.

best resume objective position top


Go ahead, get your resume and delete that objective statement, your resume is much better without it.

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