Top Resume Blunders

Top Resume Blunders

Whether writing your very first or updating for your next job, making mistakes in writing your resume is unavoidable. But don’t worry, it’s okay. Resume writing is a continuous process anyway, you should update your resume once you made an important achievement or mastered a new skill–especially those skills that are applicable to your job or industry.

Resume writing constantly changes and there are many mistakes or resume blunders that applicants tend to overlook. The common resume formats used in the past years are now obsolete. Information written on resumes years ago are now big mistakes you should remove. Those mistakes are still used in the competitive industry; in fact, I was once an Administrative Secretary screening out resumes, looking for the perfect candidate for open positions and while doing this job for months, it is really upsetting because none of the applicants sent a professional resume. What I mean when I say professional resume, I mean a resume that focuses on skills and achievements, a targeted resume that presents needed quality and skills for the position, not just a career history, a resume without the simple and most common resume blunders. Believe it or not, some applicants even submit a Bio-data.

If you want to be a common applicant, follow the mistakes that common applicants do–submit a generic resume, you can even submit a bio-data if you want, but if you want to stand out among the competition, avoid the most common resume blunders.

Resume Blunders

Avoid the 10-second screen out by avoiding these common resume blunders:

  1. Always submit a cover letter.
  2. Avoid typos or improper use of grammar.
  3. Avoid mailing blunders: don’t fold, staple, or put paper clips.
  4. Have trusted people check and double-check your resume.
  5. Invest in a professional mailing envelope, e.g. 8.5 x 11 class envelope.
  6. It’s better to invest in mailing label than putting address in the front.
  7. Do not use unprofessional or outdated email address. (Check out how to create a professional email address.)
  8. Do not use personal pronouns like I or me. (Here’s a sample of a Recent Graduate Resume.)
  9. Do not include References or the phrase ‘References Available Upon Request’. (Here’s how to create a Professional References Sheet.)
  10. Do not use clip-art.
  11. Do not include an objective but rather use a powerful Headline and Qualification Summary.
  12. Do not include too much information. (Here’s your guide to Preventing Identity Theft.)
  13. Do not lie.
  14. Leave off: (the word) ‘Resume’
  15. Leave off: Personal Information Section
  16. Leave off: Photograph -even if you are gorgeous except if it is required for the position such as actor or model
  17. Leave off: Salary Information
  18. Leave off: Hobbies

Final Take:

Resume writing is a continuous process, it is never constant. Check for more samples available online and use them as benchmark in writing your resume. Do not just rely on your old knowledge about resume writing because it is more probable that you have been doing it wrong. By the way, keep posted with this article because I will be updating and adding more resume blunders in this post.

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