On my earlier post, I have stated that there are many resume types that you should know—resume types by format, resume types by level and resume types by design. I have already differentiated the types of resume by design and format.

This time I will differentiate the different resume types by level:

Resume Types by Level

1. Entry-Level or Recent Graduate Resume

Professional resumes in all fields up to 3 years of experience, excluding management resumes.

Students/intern resumes
Recent graduate resumes
Customer service resumes
Professional trades resumes
Retail associate resumes
Admin resumes

The job changes in the first three years of professional life can shape the trajectory of your career going forward. There’s much to learn at this time in your career, with job change and fresh starts with new employers representing the steepest learning curves in your professional life.

2. Professional Resume

Professional level resumes are for professionals with more than 3 and less than ten years’ experience who hold non-management titles.

As an experienced professional in a competitive world, you know that to compete, your new resume needs more power, it needs to demonstrate a higher level of professional understanding and sophistication. You may need this more powerful resume to navigate that next strategic career move or get back to work after a layoff.

3. Mid-Career Resumes

Mid-Career Resumes are for senior professionals with more than 10 years of professional experience. This category includes all professions and management resumes below the Director, V.P. and C-level and also career changers.

With the seniority that your experiences make, that means your resume is more complex and challenging in a myriad of ways. For example, as a manager, along with technical competence, you have to demonstrate the ability to manage productivity. While as a career-changer (it happens to all of us), you have to contend with the agonies of reconfiguring your skills to make the crossover to that new profession.

4. Executive Resumes

The executive-level resume includes: Director resumes, V.P. resumes, Senior V.P. resumes, Executive V.P. resumes, C-suite resumes, Board member resumes, and resumes for entrepreneurs.

You’ve made your mark as a consummate professional in complex business environments and it’s time for a change. But it’s also a time when every option is fraught with complexity, and the competition has never been tougher. You realize that all the skills and achievements in the world won’t get you to that next step in your career if your executive resume can’t open the doors of opportunity and position with the right story.

Creating the executive resume contains a challenge familiar to anyone in the executive suite: the challenge of making the complex succinct and accessible—and when it comes to your resume, you are probably too close to the action to tell the right story in the right way.

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