Your resume can make or break your chance in getting that dream job so no matter how cliché it is, you should give your best effort in writing your resume. You can search for guidelines in the internet about resume writing but if your resume do not answer these questions, it will not be as effective:

Five Questions Your Resume Must Answer

1. What position do you want to target?

The resume should be built around your target position. Today, written objectives are rarely used. This will help a prospective employer immediately see how you are qualified for the position. Placing a target title at the top of the resume will make it clear to the reader what type of position a candidate is seeking.

2. Why are you qualified?

This is the “Qualifications Summary” or “Professional Profile” section. This area is used to outline your skills and credentials that qualify you for the job. If this section is done properly, it will persuade a hiring manager that the rest of your resume is worth reading.

3. Where did you gain experience?

The reader needs to know the names of your employers, the city and the state where each is located, the dates of each position held, and what your responsibilities were in each job. Ideally, your job descriptions should include lots of active verbs and focus on keywords and functional skills that are most relevant to your target position.

4. How well have you done?

Listing accomplishments and special projects shows that you have contributed uniquely to the bottom line in each of your positions.

Resume Tip:

The best accomplishments are those that demonstrate quantifiable results of your willingness to “go the extra mile.”

  1. Did you save your company money?
  2. Were you promoted?
  3. Were you selected to participate in / manage a key program or project?

5. What education and / or training have you participated in that would benefit the employer?

Include only education that is related to your target position. If you have specialized certifications, be sure to put those in the resume along with computer experience.

Providing answers to these questions will ensure that you are communicating your value to potential employers and will greatly increase your odds of landing interviews. Further, the process will make you more comfortable when speaking to a hiring manager about your qualifications. Now do  yourself a favor and tailor your resume to answer the following questions.

Source: Southworth Paper Expert Advice

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