Why Applicants Need a Professional Resume Nowadays

Why Applicants Need a Professional Resume Nowadays

Is getting a professional job your New Year’s resolution? If yes, then accomplishing it depends on several parameters. One parameter is crafting an effective resume. A beautifully crafted resume proves to be beneficial for your career. It reflects your professional image and what the big firms aim and look for. It provides your first impression to firms looking for a competent employee and as we know it, the first impression always counts.

As the world has moved towards advancement and progress, so has the competition between the firms. The companies now aim for individuals having better credentials and get the work done in less time. However, to be an employee of a top firm, you must have appropriate skills, education and prior experience of the work being carried out in the firm. The next question now is, how will the firm and its employers know about your credentials? The easiest answer to this is an AMAZING RESUME!

A resume is not just a document but a tool for marketing yourself. It outlines your background, qualifications, skills, experience, and education so that a potential employer can see how your experiences can contribute to the success of the company. Without an impressive initial impression, the employer will stop considering you for the job and will look for other compatible candidates.

A professional resume is needed nowadays because it acts as an immediate source for presenting your skills and accomplishments. Employers use the resume to weed out the unqualified candidates and isolate the potential ones. Thus, if you are looking for a job, you must customize your resumes to help potential employers choose you among your rivals. A well-crafted resume demonstrates the employee’s suitability for the job interview.

Sometimes the professional resume can be the only chance to get noticed by the employers. If something interesting and unique is mentioned in the resume, the recruiter will take a few minutes to read the full resume. However, if it is too general and casually written, it will be tossed in the trash email folder and shall not help you find an effective job.

To get a professional resume written down, you may have to look for a professional resume writing company. One such company is Inforati Philippines. We aim at helping you write a professional resume and present your brand in a better light. We follow a step-by-step strategy to finalize your resume. The shortcomings of the resume initial drafts are nullified before proceeding further. Being in contact with you at each stage, we try to introduce everything that you may want to be included in your resume. Lastly, after receiving the final draft, you can still edit the resume using the source file and fonts present in the package.

Good luck with your new job!

4 Effective and Efficient Ways to Help Achieve Financial Freedom

4 Effective and Efficient Ways to Help Achieve Financial Freedom

The internet is swarming with money-saving tips aimed at helping you achieve financial freedom. With all these financial tools and advice available, sometimes it can be overwhelming to listen to the various voices telling you the do’s and don’ts in managing your finances and building your wealth.

But don’t fret, we are here to offer you the best financial tips that will surely help you be on your way to financial independence. From the most practical tips to manage your money, to finding ways to increase your earnings, we’ve rounded up four of the best financial tips below.

Learn and Understand the Basics

A good way to achieve your goal to become financially independent is to learn and understand the basics. Start by creating a financial calendar, paying attention to your debts, and tracking your net worth. Creating a financial calendar will help you manage your money efficiently and conveniently. Paying attention to your loans and its interest rates will help you understand which financial commitments you should focus and settle first. Learning about your net worth will also let you know where you stand financially. It will serve as your guide, which will warn you if you are falling short on your budget, or making strong, steady progress towards your financial goals.

Manage Your Finances Like a Pro

Learning the art of budgeting is the starting point to become financial independent. You can manage your finances like a pro by setting a budget for every purchase or investment that you’re planning to make. Always avoid overspending since this will accumulate over time and bury you in a pile of debt. Also, take one minute of your time to check on your daily finances. This will help you keep track of your expenses, budget, investments, and other financial commitments.

Spend Your Money Wisely

You deserve to enjoy the fruit of your hard work, but be sure to make smart purchases. Spend your money on things that will make you feel good, bring happiness and memorable experiences (e.g. traveling, going to concerts and watching movies) instead of spending it on material things that will depreciate in value over time.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Practicing frugality as a lifestyle is good to help you avoid debt in the future. Your savings will also help you in times of emergencies. However, don’t forget to focus your time and effort in increasing your earning potential as well. Getting a new job and negotiating a new salary is one way to increase your earning potential. Aside from this, you can also focus your energy on making more money through investments. Yes, your income doesn’t need to stop at your day job. You have the power to grow your money by investing in bonds, mutual funds, peer-to-peer lending, and even go to real estate business.

Old or young, rich or poor, no matter what you are, everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth and achieve financial freedom.

By learning and understanding these money-saving tips and financial advice, we hope that we can help you achieve the financial independence you’ve always dreamed of.

The Most In Demand Jobs in 2016

The Most In Demand Jobs in 2016

“A skilled worker, regardless of the job description, remains a treasure.” - Madeleine M. Kunin

The global economic slowdown in 2015 is said to have a delayed impact on labor markets in 2016, resulting in a rise in unemployment levels, particularly in emerging economies. According to the International Labour Organization’s World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2016 (WESO), the estimated worldwide unemployment rate in 2015 was 197.1 million and this year it was estimated to rise by 2.3 million, reaching to 199.4 million.

Result of Unemployment
This report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) about the worldwide increase of unemployment is alarming because this will make a big impact in the countries’ economies. High unemployment in a country will result in economical problems such as the following:

  1. Less spending of people, thus, hurting the country’s overall economy
  2. Low GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  3. or even Recession

global unemployment rate 2015-2017

Source: ILO - World Social Employment Outlook Trends 2016

Unemployment might happen in many industry. Some of the businesses in these industries will cut employees to control their spending and maintain their businesses. But while this is the case, there are still industries that have high demand for jobs.

What You Can Do
So to avoid unemployment, some of the things that you can do are: (1) Apply to the industries that are barely affected by the unemployment trend; and (2) Take freelance jobs.

The Most In Demand Jobs in 2016

Since it is the second half of 2016, let us review the most in demand jobs in the year 2016.

Top Ten In-Demand Jobs that Require a Degree

OccupationAve. Monthly Unique Job PostingsAve. Monthly HiresGap Between Postings and HiresJob Growth 2010-2015Total Employment in 2015Median Hourly Earnings
Registered Nurses296,63197,549199,082171,0972,776,836$32.04
Software Developers, Applications114,92131,27283,649126,277727,753$45.92
Marketing Managers91,6308,44783,18323,692193,619$61.12
Sales Managers70,55817,75052,80835,399370,648$53.20
Medical and Health Services Managers63,68311,85051,83326,080321,961$44.62
Network and Computer Systems Administrators69,63618,56851,06836,640381,001$36.44
Industrial Engineers55,2647,98547,27925,426244,225$39.18
Computer Systems Analysts71,55524,70346,85287,023556,922$39.76
Web Developers52,4316,64145,79022,282130,161$30.52
Financial Managers63,15723,25139,90637,458542,618$55.44
Source: CareerBuilder

Top Ten In-Demand Jobs that Do Not Require a Degree

OccupationAve. Monthly Unique Job PostingsAve. Monthly HiresGap Between Postings and HiresJob Growth 2010-2015Total Employment in 2015Median Hourly Earnings
Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers1,091,024106,355984,669208,9321,695,977$19.00
Food Service Managers52,13218,72433,40824,690203,311$23.34
Computer User Support Specialists63,53332,59630,93785,324645,478$22.89
Insurance Sales Agents40,90922,07518,83469,125635,431$23.01
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians21,5057,60913,89615,456194,723$17.26
Surgical Technologists10,8643,1507,71411,186103,054$20.84
Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists19,07413,4275,64725,434252,286$20.98
Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers10,1185,0485,07010,454111,859$41.06
Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail, and Farm Products16,64711,9734,67419,003300,486$29.32
Medical Secretaries23,89320,7863,10774,124550,716$15.50
Source: CareerBuilder


The Most In Demand Freelancing Jobs in 2016

Other thing that you can do to avoid being unemployed is to adapt the freelancing trends. According to a blog post by Elaine Pofeldt in CNBC, employers are preferring to hire freelancers.

“Experts say work in itself isn’t disappearing. What is declining, they say, is how it is packaged. Rather than employ people in traditional jobs, more employers are choosing to hire contractors.”

The Most In Demand Freelance Jobs
In a blog post by Rich Person, senior Vice-President of Upwork, he wrote that the most in-demand jobs and industries in Upwork this 2016 are the following:

  1. Virtual Teams
  2. IT Consulting
  3. Presentations Creation (Prezi and Keynote)
  4. Video Production
  5. Content Marketing

In addition, I also found out that these jobs and industries are in-demand:

  • Web development: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing
  • Graphic Design: Logo Design
  • Content Writing

Key Takeaway
In conclusion, the most in-demand jobs requiring a degree are under the Technical and Healthcare Industry. On the other hand, the most in-demand jobs that does not require a degree are Manual Jobs (Drivers and Mechanics) and jobs under the Healthcare Industry.

As regards the freelancing trends, you have no choice but to improve your technical skills — to maintain your “employability”.

If your job or industry is not in demand, do not lose hope. Remember that this is just a guide to help you make a better career decision. And who knows? Maybe the industry where you want to work for will boom next year.

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Independence Day 2016 Job Fairs

Independence Day 2016 Job Fairs

In the 118th celebration of Independence Day in the Philippines (June 12), there will be a Kalayaan 2016 local and overseas employment job fairs to be held in different regions of the Philippines.

Kalayaan 2016 Job Fairs - Central Luzon
The Kalayan 2016 Job Fairs offer 5,955 job vacancies for local employment and 5,388 job vacancies for overseas employment. In total, more than 11,300 jobs are waiting to be filled.

The event, with the theme Pagkakaisa, Pag-aambagan, Pagsulong, are participated by 142 participating private companies and 30 government agencies for local employment and 28 recruitment agencies for overseas employment, as processed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

It will also be joined by members of the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) comprising DOLE attached agencies — Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), National Reintegration Center for OFWs (NRCO), National Conciliation Mediation Board (NCMB), National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC), Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RWTPB), Employees Compensations Commission (ECC), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and POEA.

The different city and municipal local government units, through their respective Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs), and other allied-partner agencies will also be present.

The job fairs will be held on the following dates with their specific locations:

  • June 10, 2016 - Old Capitol Compound, Burgos St., Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
  • June 12, 2016
    • Malolos Sports and Convention Center, Malolos City, Bulacan;
    • Liwasang Bayan, San Felipe, Zambales; and the
    • Baler Municipal Hall, Baler, Aurora.
  • June 13, 2016 - Rizal, Triangle, Olongapo City
  • June 30, 2016 - Municipal Ground, Concepcion, Tarlac

Job seekers are requested to go with their proper attire, multiple copies of their resumes, certificates of employment, transcript of records, clearance, photos, and other pertinent pre-employment documents needed by employers.

“To save time for jobseekers, they may now start filling-up their Skills Registration System Forms to pre-register to the PhilJobnet web. They may likewise visit their nearby PESOs in their areas to register,” DOLE-Technical Support and Services Division for Employment and Welfare Chief Alejandro Inza Cruz said.


Host: PESO - Iloilo, Radio Station RMN 774
Start Date: June 10, 2016
End Date: June 10, 2016
Region: Region VI (Western Visayas)
Location: 3rd Floor, Cafeteria Area of City Hall

Host: DOLE - Western Visayas
Start Date: June 12, 2016
End Date: June 12, 2016
Region: Region VI (Western Visayas)
Location: Mary Mart Mall
Job vacancies: 2700 (local), 5500 (overseas)

Available slots: Hotels & Restaurants, BPO, Carpentry, Fitters, Abroad Construction

Host: DOLE, PESO - Baguio City
Start Date: June 12, 2016
End Date: June 12, 2016
Region: CAR
Location: University of Baguio Gymnasium


Local & Overseas Job Fair / Kalayaan Job Fair
Host: DMDP / PESO Cebu City
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-12
Region: Region VII (Central Visayas)
Location: Cebu City Sports Complex

31st Sulong Zambales Jobs Fair
Host: Provincial Gov’t of Zambales
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-12
Region: Region III (Central Luzon)
Location: Liwasang Bayan, San Felipe, Zambales

Kalayaan 2016 Job Fair
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-12
Region: Region XI (Davao Region)
Location: New Tagum City Hall Atrium

Kalayaan Job Fair
Host: DOLE Aurora Provincial FO
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-12
Region: Region III (Central Luzon)
Location: Baler, Aurora

Independence Day
Host: DOLE- Agusan Del Norte
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-12
Region: Region XIII (CARAGA)
Location: Butuan City Hall (Butuan City)

Araw ng Kalayaan Job Fair 2016
Host: LGU-PESO Malolos
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-12
Region: Region III (Central Luzon)
Location: Malolos Sports & Convention Center, Bulihan, Mc Arthur Highway, Malolos City

Independence Day Job Fair
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-12
Region: CAR
Location: Baguio City

Kalayaan 2016 Job Fair
Host: PESO / DOLE Davao City Field Office
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-12
Region: Region XI
Location: NCCC Mall Davao

Kalayaan Job Fair Sa Naliyagan Festival 2016
Host: Prov. Gov’t  of Agusan Del Sur
Start Date: 2016-06-12
End Date: 2016-06-13
Region: Region XIII (Caraga)
Location: Naliyagan Cultural Center, D.O.P. Gov’t. Center, Prosperidad, ADS

Independence Day Jobs and Trade Fair
Host: City Government of Olongapo
Start Date: 2016-06-13
End Date: 2016-06-13
Region: Region III (Central Luzon)
Location: Rizal Triangle, Olongapo City

June 14 Job Fair
Host: LGU- Mabalacat City
Start Date: 2016-06-14
End Date: 2016-06-14
Region: Region III (Central Luzon)
Location: Brgy. Cacutud Covered Court, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Job Fair
Host: LGU-PESO Daet
Start Date: 2016-06-16
End Date: 2016-06-17
Region: Region V (Bicol Region)
Location: Central Plaza Mall, Daet, Camarines, Norte

Yagi-Yagi Festival Job Fair 2016
Host: LGU - Rosario, Agusan Del Sur
Start Date: 2016-06-20
End Date: 2016-06-20
Location: Municipal Gymnasium, Rosario, ADS

June 21 Job Fair
Host: PESO - San Fernando City
Start Date: 2016-06-21
End Date: 2016-06-21
Region: Region III (Central Luzon)
Location: SM Downtown, San Fernando, Pampanga

Local & Overseas Job Fair
Host: PESO - Palawan
Start Date: 2016-06-22
End Date: 2016-06-22
Region: Region IV-B (MIMAROPA)
Location: Victoriano J. Rodriguez Hall, RVM Bldg., Provincial Capitol, Puerto Princesa City

Charter Day Job Fair
Host: Tandag City
Start Date: 2016-06-22
End Date: 2016-06-22
Region: Region XIII (CARAGA)
Location: Brgy. Dagocdoc Covered Court, Tandag City

Tabuk City Job Fair
Host: LGU-Tabuk City
Start Date: 2016-06-23
End Date: 2016-06-23
Region: CAR
Location: Tabuk City

9th Charter Day Job Fair 2016
Host: LGU-Bayugan City, Agusan Del Sur
Start Date: 2016-06-23
End Date: 2016-06-24
Region: Region XIII (CARAGA)
Location: Multi-Purpose Hall, Bayugan City, ADS

Career Expo For Local And Overseas Job Fair
Host: LGU- Tagbilaran City
Start Date: 2016-06-24
End Date: 2016-06-24
Region: Region VII (Central Visayas)
Location: Galleria Luisa Mall Gallares St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Local Job Fair
Host: DMDP
Start Date: 2016-06-25
End Date: 2016-06-25
Region: Region VII (Central Visayas)
Location: Punta Princesa Sports Complex

June 30 Job Fair
Host: LGU - Mabalacat City
Start Date: 2016-06-30
End Date: 2016-06-30
Region: Region III (Central Luzon)
Location: Brgy. Sapang Balen Brgy. Hall Annex, Madapdap Rest. Mabalacat, Pampanga

June 2016 Job Fairs Summary

independence day 2016 job fairs summary

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How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Social media is a global phenomenon happening in all markets regardless of wider economic, social and cultural development. If you are online you are using social media. - Universal Mc Cann

According to TechTarget, social media is the collective of online communication channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

How do you use social media? Do you use it for personal entertainment or do you use it for a more important cause? Actually there are many ways that you can use social media. Its most common usage nowadays are social networking, promotion, news updates, and building professional brands. But do you know that you can also find your next job using social media?

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

You will be surprised how social media can help you land your next job. To give you a head start, here are the top 3 social media websites where you can look for a job:

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals. It connects people, companies, same minded professionals, colleagues including alumni, industry and business related groups — to network, search jobs, hire and do research.

If you are already on LinkedIn, one of its most usable features is its online resume that can be viewed by your connections who are possibly looking for good hires. So make sure to make your profile as good as possible.

Receiving job offers in LinkedIn is possible only if you have many connections. But if you are just starting, you can manually look for jobs on LinkedIn yourself. Here is how to job search using LinkedIn:

This video is part of Justin Seeley’s course entitled Up and Running with LinkedIn on Lynda.com.

I cannot reiterate more how useful LinkedIn is — in today’s digital world. If you are not on LinkedIn, you are missing a lot.

Read: The Best Job Sites in the Philippines | Job Seeker’s Guide to Preventing Identity Theft | Why You Should Attend a Job Fair | Top 10 Things to Bring to Job Interview

2. Facebook

Facebook is not just a social networking website, it is the ultimate social networking website. If you are not in Facebook, you are probably living under a very huge rock. Here are few of the major features of Facebook:

  • Marketplace - allows members to post, read and respond to classified ads.
  • Groups - allows members who have common interests to find each other and interact.
  • Events - allows members to publicize an event, invite guests and track who plans to attend.
  • Pages - allows members to create and promote a public page built around a specific topic.
  • Presence technology - allows members to see which contacts are online and chat.

A. Facebook Job Groups and Pages. There are many Facebook job groups that post legitimate job openings. Most of these groups are created by regular citizens.

Note: Good Facebook job groups will vary on your location.

If you want to join a Facebook job group, log on to Facebook, input the word “job” in the search box, then head over to groups tab. Some factors that you should consider in joining a job group are the following: (1) administrators, (2) number of members and (3) how active the group is.

If you are in the Philippines, you can join the following groups:

Facebook pages for job seeking tips are the following:

B. Events. Also with Facebook, you can keep track of upcoming job fairs and career-related events in your local area.

C. Official company pages. You can follow the official Facebook pages of the company where you want to apply. Most companies share their latest job openings through their official social media accounts.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a free microblogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets. Here is how you can use Twitter in your job search:

A. Hashtags.
Popular hashtags on Twitter that you should check out are the following:
#Hiring or #NowHiring

Industry-specific hashtags:
#Graduate Jobs

B. Job Site’s Official Twitter Accounts. You can also check out official Twitter accounts of job sites like @Monster, @Glassdoor, and @indeed.

A sense of caution, social media is not immune from scams. Some social media accounts, groups and pages are made to gather personal information from people who are determined to get a job. So, before you apply for the job post, make sure to do the following:

  1. Verify that the recruiter is genuine.
  2. Google the employer or recruiter’s name. If all you can find are job postings, that is a bad sign.
  3. Track the employer’s phone number via Google or some other reputable web phone directory, or by simply calling Information.

If you cannot verify the availability of the job post or the legitimacy of the recruiter, do not bother to apply.

Final Take:
Don’t get me wrong, the traditional method of job search is still effective. But slowly, job search is going digital and you should keep up. If you want an easier job search method, use social media — just be cautious of scams and bogus job posts.

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Up and Running with LinkedIn
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